We treat all varicose veins nonsurgically

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Aynı hekimle Tanı, Tedavi, Takip (3T) neden önemli?

Why diagnosis&treatment with the same physician?

Varicose vein patients go between the surgeon who performs the examination+treatment and the radiologist who perform the Doppler ultrasound. This can cause serious problems for the patient ...

Is your color Doppler ultrasound done correctly?

An error in venous Doppler ultrasound may cause the treatment to be wrong. Unfortunately, most of the color Doppler ultrasound examinations for varicose veins still shows serious errors or omissions ...

Genital-vaginal varices: what is new in treatment?

Genital-vaginal varices are most commonly caused by leak (reflux) in the left ovarian vein. Before treating   varicose veins, this vessel should be closed by a simple angio procedure (embolization) ...

Spider veins: what's right, what's wrong?

Microsclerotherapy is the most effective treatment for spider veins if it is performed correctly and attentively. Non-ideal sclerotherapy can make the appearance even worse than before ...

Varicose vein treatment: why local anesthesia is ideal?

There is a small risk of thrombosis during vein treatments. This risk may increase if the patient is immobilized for a long time, as in general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia.

Common mistakes in the treatment of varicose veins

The most common mistakes are removal of varicose veins without  treating the underlying cause, incorrect examination or interpretation of color Doppler ultrasound...