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A wrong color Doppler may lead to a wrong treatment



In many countries, there are important errors in both diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins. The most common of these mistakes are summarized below:

1. Treating the varicose veins without searching their cause with color Doppler ultrasound.

2. Leaving large varicose veins untreated because the patient has no complaints

3. Performing color Doppler ultrasound with the patient lying instead of standing.

4. Inadequate /incorrect color Doppler ultrasound

5. Separate doctors performing color Doppler ultrasound and varicose vein treatment.

6. Use of spinal or general anesthesia during varicose vein treatments.

7. Treating the incompetent vein only with laser, RF etc leaving the varicose veins untreated.

8. Ignoring or overlooking vaginal-pelvic varicosities and pelvic congestion syndrome.

9. Treating varicose-looking veins in deep venous thrombosis or incompetence.

10. Performing varicose vein treatment without ultrasound training and experience. 

 Video: How do we treat varicose veins nonsurgically? 


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