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Large varices must be treated even if they don't cause any symptoms



It is an important step to decide on treatment for your varicose veins. The following describes what you should consider before treatment.


1. Buy compression stockings: You should wear varicose stockings for a while after treatment. It is recommended that you buy these stockings before treatment and bring it with you when you come to treatment. Patients with vaginal varices should buy and bring appropriate tights panties before treatment. The stockings will be put on immediately after treatment, before you get up from the table.


2. Discontinue blood thinners: Especially in the treatment of large varicose veins, blood thinning drugs  such as aspirin, plavix, coumadin, should be discontinued about a week in advance. However, if it is absolutely necessary to take these medications, you can use some injections that we will prescribe you until the day of treatment. If miniphlebectomy is not to be performed for your varicose veins, we can treat you without interrupting your blood thinners. In the treatment of spider veins, you do not need to stop taking blood thinners. We recommend that patients using blood thinners consult us before their appointment.


3. Indicate if you have drug allergy: Local anesthetics and sclerotherapy medications will be used during varicose veins treatment. After the procedure, pain relieving agents such as paracetamol, nonsteroidal anti inflamatory drugs (NSAID) and antibiotics may also be given. Please let us know if you have any severe allergy to these drugs.


4. Remove your leg hairs: Especially our male patients should remove the hairs on their legs before treatment. This can be done with simple razors, but care should be taken not to irritate the skin. It is more appropriate to perform the cleaning procedure a few days before treatment.


5. Bring spare pants. Since varicose veins usually include the groin area, your underwear should be as short as possible, not in the form of boxer shorts, but in the classic panties type, leaving the groin exposed. Since your underwear may come into contact with disinfectants during the procedure, we recommend that you bring a spare panty during treatment.


6. You can come to treatment after food: We do not use general and spinal anesthesia in our varicose veins interventions, so you do not need to be fasting when you come to treatment. In fact, some treatments may take 2-3 hours, so we recommend that you eat something 2-3 hours before arrival.


7. Bring a person with you: In the treatment of spider veins, no anesthesia is required, so you can come to treatment on your own. However, in large varicose veins, we prefer to have an accompanying person with these patients since we give sedative medications along with local anesthesia and sometimes apply nerve block. Kindly note that you are not allowed to drive after the treatment.

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