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After treatment, best sports are swimming and walking


In patients with spider veins without venous insufficiency, active sports can be started 1-2 weeks after treatment. Patients with venous insufficiency and associated large varicose veins should avoid sports for up to 1 month after treatment. This is due to the fact that vessels in these varices take longer to heal and excessive spore causes pain by increasing inflammation in these unhealed vessels.













After an average period of one month, the inflammation in the vessels is reduced thoroughly and sports can be started gradually. Ideal sports for varicose veins are walking and swimming. Especially in swimming, all the muscles of the body, especially those in the legs, work, and the coolness of the water or sea accelerates venous circulation by contracting vessels. Additionally, blood accumulation in the legs decreases because the person is in a horizontal position. In addition to walking and swimming, sports such as football, basketball, volleyball and tennis can also be enjoyed after treatment. 


After varicose veins treatment, you must avoid the kind of sports that require straining and contraction of the abdominal muscles. These include exercises such as weight lifting and abdominal muscles training. We recommend that our patients avoid these types of sports as much as possible, and if they love them, they should start at least 6 months after treatment

Varis tedavisinden sonra ideal sporlar yürüme ve yüzmedir.

Ideal sports after varicose veins treatment are walking and swimming.

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