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Compression stockings are recommended after treatment

Varis çorabının basıncı ayakta maksimum olmalı, yukarı gittikçe azalmalıdır.



After varicose veins treatment, you should wear varicose stockings for a while. The purpose of the stockings is to compress the treated veins to prevent blood from filling up again. In this way, early reopening of the vessels is prevented and the varicose veins are destroyed more rapidly. A medium-pressure type (class 1 or 2) stockings is appropriate for most varicose veins. Depending on the location of the varicose veins, you can choose the type of varicose veins such as knee high, thigh high or panty hose. Again according to your own taste and needs, it is possible to buy compression stockings in different colors and open or closed toe.











Time to wear compression stockings varies according to the size of the varices and the treatment. For large varicose veins, it is necessary to wear socksings for 1-3 months on average, while for capillary varices, it is sufficient to wear them for several days or 1-2 weeks. If it is to be worn for a long time, the quality of the socks is important for your own comfort. However, an average stocking is sufficient if it is to be worn for a short time. It is important that the size of the stockings suits your legs. Particularly in thigh high stockings and in persons with wide hips, the upper part of the stockings can be folded and slid down. In this case, it can squeeze the upper part of the leg and cause a tourniquet effect preventing the venous blood from going up. Wearing such stockings results in the opposite of what we expect and causes harm rather than benefit. In this case, it is necessary to abandon the thigh high stockings and switch to the knee high or the pantyhose type varicose stockings.


Classic varicose veins stockings are not sufficient in vaginal/pelvic varicosities because the basin of pantyhose is not tight enough. In such varicose veins, it is more convenient to wear tights-type panties that firmly grasp that area. Our patients should try these tights before treatment and bring them with themto be used after treatment.


Compression stockings are not easy to wear in a warm climate. Therefore, varicose veins treatments are usually not performed in summer. However, there is no such restriction in areas where it is cool in summer.

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