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Foam sclerotherapy is preferred in medium- large varices


As we mentioned before, sclerotherapy results in the shrinkage of varicose veins by injecting drugs and eliminating them by time. In classic sclerotherapy, the liquid form of drugs called polidocanol or STS is injected into the varicose veins (fluid sclerotherapy). The more common method in recent years is the mixing of these drugs with the air forming "foam" and thus introducing them into the varicose veins. This method is called foam sclerotherapy or "foam treatment" as is commonly said. Foam sclerotherapy is more powerful than liquid sclerotherapy and has the advantages of being seen with ultrasound and directed into the desired vessels.


While liquid sclerotherapy is effective only on small vessels and spider veins, foam sclerotherapy is more powerful and is effective also on large varices. Ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy is highly effective in the treatment of recurrent varicose veins and pelvic-genital varices in the deep parts of the leg, which are difficult to treat. Foam sclerotherapy is widely used in the treatment of both medium and spider varices in our clinic and is generally preferred to liquid sclerotherapy. Our application in large varicose veins is to empty the varicose veins by first injecting saline around the varicose veins and then to perform foam sclerotherapy. In this way, sclerotherapy becomes more effective and side effects such as clot formation (superficial thrombophlebitis) can be prevented.


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In our clinic, we prefer foam sclerotherapy for the treatment of spider varices also. The reason for this is that the foam can spread through the vein by pushing the blood without much mixing with the blood and therefore more effective in a larger area. However, as stated on our sclerotherapy page, foam sclerotherapy is a treatment that should be performed with great care by experienced physicians, otherwise the cosmetic appearance may be worse than before and some side effects may develop.

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